Running for a Change
      So I recently joined the Tacoma Runners group. It combines three things I like: running, alcohol, and losing weight. My first run with the group was on July 31st. I joined with my friend Katie for this slightly over 3 miles run. Yes we were not first, but we weren't technically last either. It was actually a lot of fun. Our run, (Rum, I mean Run run), started out at the Tacoma Cabana which would be our ending destination. The run consisted with small high hills, some stairs and extended flat run along the water street. The view was beautiful as we ran down the University of Washington Tacoma stairs, past the glass bridge, and along dock street and back to the new vamped downtown area. Along the way we made a few new friends. Page was wonderful by keeping conversation up while we fell behind. By the end we met a beautiful puppy who definitely dragged his owners behind.

      We enjoyed ourselves so much that our next 3.2 mile run is tomorrow with a wedding theme. Hopefully through our joining we make some more social acquaintances. The theme is derived from two members in the group getting married. I have high hopes that the perks of joining a running group will pay off! Maybe some of my readers would be interested in joining?
*photos from Tacoma Runners facebook
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