Clutching at Legos
I've had this beauty saved in my bookmark to-do list arsenal for a year. I don't  usually carry clutches but I see this Lego clutch and I am up for it. Of course I'm going to DIY it and make it my own (the price tag also scared me away from just buying it as well). I just put my order in for a set of teal, purple, and black legos to make a righteous pattern. I also plan to remove the side legos to make it an accordion style to fit more. I will keep you up to date of the process on the  way!


Fallin' in Love with Fall!

Physalis alkekengi- I am picking up one of these this season for sure!
Everything about Fall cries out to me; from the savory comfort foods, all things pumpkin flavored, to being able to wear sooo many layers of cotton and not melt (I love my boots, scarfs, and jackets), to the changing colors in the trees, and of course, Halloween! I have already found a list of things I want to make this fall!

From one of my favorite blogs ( ), I really want to make this delicious pumpkin cheese cakes with ginger snap crusts.

From the lovely (, I really want to make my own spin on this cute fox scarf idea.

Coming up soon is my dear friend Amilyn's Halloween party and I need to get my costume prepared. I have been wanting to make a Sherlock Holmes costume for years. If anyone has a nice pattern or an idea for my jack-o I would be much appreciated.