Clutching at Legos
I've had this beauty saved in my bookmark to-do list arsenal for a year. I don't  usually carry clutches but I see this Lego clutch and I am up for it. Of course I'm going to DIY it and make it my own (the price tag also scared me away from just buying it as well). I just put my order in for a set of teal, purple, and black legos to make a righteous pattern. I also plan to remove the side legos to make it an accordion style to fit more. I will keep you up to date of the process on the  way!


Fallin' in Love with Fall!

Physalis alkekengi- I am picking up one of these this season for sure!
Everything about Fall cries out to me; from the savory comfort foods, all things pumpkin flavored, to being able to wear sooo many layers of cotton and not melt (I love my boots, scarfs, and jackets), to the changing colors in the trees, and of course, Halloween! I have already found a list of things I want to make this fall!

From one of my favorite blogs ( ), I really want to make this delicious pumpkin cheese cakes with ginger snap crusts.

From the lovely (, I really want to make my own spin on this cute fox scarf idea.

Coming up soon is my dear friend Amilyn's Halloween party and I need to get my costume prepared. I have been wanting to make a Sherlock Holmes costume for years. If anyone has a nice pattern or an idea for my jack-o I would be much appreciated. 


My Daily Addiction (from Escher to Argyle)

When it comes to knitting, I'm actually more addicted to designing than the finished products. Above is a project I started over two years ago, inspired by M. C. Escher's amazing repetitive, interlocking lizards (you can see the orange lizards create the grey lizards). This was near the beginning of my double knitting addiction before I had 100 more designs than projects.

This guitar double knit is my first attempt at double knit where I learned the difficult task of not letting a mistake keep you from "unraveling". 

Below is my latest concoction, argyle. This scarf has seen me through a trip through Hawaii and 9 months.

Even though these creations take up an exuberant amount of time, the designing takes from 20 minutes to several hours and I seem never to get bored. My future projects I have already designed out are: a matching hat and scarves for my argyle, a Hyrulian shield book bag, Majora's mask pillow, and a handsome Green lantern scarf for my man. (Just don't expect to see any immediate finished projects!)



 For a while I was (it's a lie I still am) a big fan of plushies. These are my first two babies.Recently on, I have discovered some cute simple patterns that have once again sparked my interest. Like this cute Stegosaurus, or the adorable squid kitten combo the squitten from craftster feeshy, or the amazing ivysaur.


Dinosaurs come to life!

We live off the remains of these gorgeous gods everyday and now there is a way to give new life to our dear dinosaur brethren. I love the idea of taking everyday items and transforming them from nic nac to practical and innovative items. I came upon this concept while on one of my favorite website  Fellow craftster member OhNoJoJo found this and other amazing animal planters on the very cool More Design Please website advertising for Plaid Pidgeon. I will have to take this design opportunity to expand my indoor plant collection.

Craftster OhNoJoJo   More Design Please  Buy Them Here