My Daily Addiction (from Escher to Argyle)

When it comes to knitting, I'm actually more addicted to designing than the finished products. Above is a project I started over two years ago, inspired by M. C. Escher's amazing repetitive, interlocking lizards (you can see the orange lizards create the grey lizards). This was near the beginning of my double knitting addiction before I had 100 more designs than projects.

This guitar double knit is my first attempt at double knit where I learned the difficult task of not letting a mistake keep you from "unraveling". 

Below is my latest concoction, argyle. This scarf has seen me through a trip through Hawaii and 9 months.

Even though these creations take up an exuberant amount of time, the designing takes from 20 minutes to several hours and I seem never to get bored. My future projects I have already designed out are: a matching hat and scarves for my argyle, a Hyrulian shield book bag, Majora's mask pillow, and a handsome Green lantern scarf for my man. (Just don't expect to see any immediate finished projects!)

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