A Patchwork House for Puppy

         The other day while hunting for pallets, we found a very dilapidated dog house. Being in the mood to take any and every salvageable piece of wood, we grabbed it.
         Then we ripped it apart. Half the roof was too far gone to repair. The siding was pretty unattractive.
         The interior we cleaned out and sprayed with a water resistant spray. Once dried we put a nice pink coat for sealant. Then we floored it with left over wood laminate from the house. (Yes our puppy is spoiled)
         The exterior we layered over with more wood laminate. Then we made trimming with the same pink as the insides. We also shingled the roof. Half of the roof is on hinges so that we can clean and fix anything easily.
         Having not spent a cent on supplies and only using left over materials, I believe the house turned out pretty nice for my princess.